Client Testimonials

Here are some testimonials from my clients.


Ivan Perdomo from Family Film Maker

It is a pleasure to both, know Mark as a very caring and sharing individual, and to have seen his Success Innovations Inc. Coaching Presentations. Mark is an expert in his field, a great speaker, and does things for the right reasons.

Dale Moffitt - Financial Advisor with Macdev Financial Group

Mark is an exemplary coach and a strong leader. His passion and determination for his profession helps him be a source of guidance to others. He is humble but at the same time adept in his knowledge in facilitating change and helping people create the results they are looking for.

Neriska Budhal - Supply Chain Specialist at Baker Hughes, UAE

"I am really grateful to Mark for coaching and guiding me. Since We started the Sessions my life has changed drastically it is one of my best investments I ever made he is a master at coaching and supporting I recommend anyone who wants to see real results in their life to connect with Mark. Thank you so much Mark for your continuous support "

Joel Goldstein, London, UK

Since starting this journey, I have become aware that certain people come into your life for a reason. I am so grateful for Mark during the Mastermind Group, he added amazing knowledge and value to each session. We all grew in strides! His words and wisdom was spoken in a way that when my old behavior reared its ugly head, I heard Mark's voice in my head and made precise positive changes. I would highly recommend any program with Mark as he is an unbelievable teacher and mentor. He makes you think about your thoughts and actions to discover the answer that was inside all along. To me that is one of the best ways to learn! Thank you Mark for everything you do.

Sarah Breen MA, USA

Since I’ve started my coaching program a year ago, Mark and I were introduced to each other through a Master Mind Group. I truly am so happy and grateful that we have met, and that I have attracted such a coach to my life. His wisdom penetrates the source or cause of any problem, and then he shows you how to reverse it by shifting your perception to view it objectively.

Since the mind has an invisible force, Mark has the ability to really guide you constructively on how to implement these forces to attract anything into your life. We have lower and higher faculties, and our inner faculties are our higher faculties which are invisible. I thank god, Mark and every other individual for being introduced to such a program where I really changed and improved my life towards the person that I am today. Ask Mark about any of his programs (Individual, Group, or Business), and he’ll expand your awareness level through his remarkable ability to change your life and achieve your own desires.

Ahmed Bahman, Miami, FL, USA

I had the privilege to work with Mark in a mastermind group with 3 of my business partners. I was blown away by the coaching and training I received from Mark. He very knowledgeable and quite organized. I am definitely going to use Marks services again in the future. I recommend him to any one who is interested in changing the way they perceive life because we were all BORN RICH.

Thanks MARK

Derek Stark, Red Deer, AB - DL Contracting Limited

“Mark’s Master Mind Program is a great course to take and the principles can not only be applied to your career but every avenue of your life. The techniques are easy to understand and you can start applying in your life right away. Mark is great teacher who shares information in a simple way. He makes the webinars interesting and finds wonderful pictures to go with the presentation. No matter what it is in your life that you would like to improve I feel taking this course could definitely help. I am glad I took the Master Mind program and will be taking it again as I know there is more I will learn.”

Carolyn Bluffton, AB

“The Success Strategies for your Business Seminar was great!!! I learned a lot from this course and will use what I learned in all aspects of my everyday life. The worksheet that we got to take home, alone were worth the price of admission. Everyone could benefit from taking this Seminar. Mark presented the Success Strategies for your Business in an easy to understand entertaining way while giving a lot of valuable information that can literally change your life. I feel I already have a large amount of knowledge about the unconscious mind and how it affects our daily life but I still came home with pages of notes. I would recommend this Seminar to everyone. Thanks so much Mark. Keep up the great work!!!”

C. Karlstrom, AB, Canada

I wanted to tell you how grateful I am for your help and encouragement in participating in your program The Winners Image. Mark, you have been a great help even beyond the program with your positive insights, ideas and suggestions. I am seeing results already in the increase of business, my personal outlook and how I set goals and things that used to look beyond my reach thanks to you and your programs, seem with in my grasp. Mark, your programs are great, your book suggestions have been very helpful but it wouldn’t mean anything without your personal help and support.

Thank You.

Teah-Jay Cartwright w.p.i.c.c. - TJ the DJ