Do you celebrate wins?

Do you celebrate wins?

Do you celebrate a win?

When you or a member have a win do you celebrate the win or do you just carry on about your day as if nothing exciting happened?

I encourage you to celebrate all your wins no matter how small they may seem to be now.


When you celebrate a win it causes a chemical reaction in your brain, a dose of feel-good chemicals are released and you begin to feel good or better. This causes your brain to start looking for more of these types of “feel-good hits” in your life and business.

I keep a wins journal for myself and my business and I recommend that my clients keep a wins journal. So what is a wins journal? It can be a fancy journal from a book store or as simple as a spiral-bound notebook. What do I do with it? every time you have a win right it down in your wins journal with the date of the win. Did you complete a goal, write it down, signed up a new client, write it down, even simple things like I did my 10,000 steps today, or I got up and started my day even though I wanted to stay in bed.

Having this wins journal gives you something to review on those tough days or weeks. It chronicles your journey and allows you to see how far you have come. I find that reviewing my wins journal can help me get fired up and motivated to reach my next goal and even set bigger goals for myself and my business.

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