Do you have Squirrel Syndrome

Do you have Squirrel Syndrome?

Do you have squirrel syndrome?

If you do you are not alone, many entrepreneurs suffer from this condition.

What is it?

It is that distraction that happens when you are working toward your goal. You are focusing and working on your plan and then suddenly your drop what you are doing to chase the new shiny thing.

You are working on your marketing plan and then you see someone else is promoting a new funnel system. You drop your plan and start learning this new funnel.

Or maybe you are building a system that will shift your workload and you get distracted by an email notification and 2 hours later you are still reading and answering emails.

This happens to a lot of us. That is why I suggest turning off all notifications on your phone and computer. I will even put my phone in another room so it can’t distract me from the task I am working on.

I set specific blocks of time, one in the morning and one in the afternoon just to answer email and phone messages so that I don’t get distracted from the task I am working on.

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