Employees – Do you Tolerate? Train? or Terminate?

Employees – Do your Tolerate? Train? or Terminate?

IWhen dealing with employees what actions do you take to grow your business?

1. Tolerate Them
This means you accept their attitude, work ethic, and behavior. How they show up every day is accepted and tolerated by you the employer. You do little or nothing to improve their performance as a part of your team.

2. Train Them
This means you have an onboarding system for new employees to get them up to speed with your team. This also means that you have continuing training for your employees, communication, teamwork, and systems and processes.

3. Terminate Them
This means that you terminate their opportunities with your company and give them the opportunity to find a better fit at a different company. This action applies to everyone in your company, new hires, and people who have been with you for years. Remember length of service does not mean they are a good fit as your company grows. Loyalty is a good thing, however, they must be willing to grow with your company.

So what are doing in your company?

Do you want to be more Productive?