Take Control of These 3 Areas of Your Business Life

Business growth depends on many things including your product or service, business knowledge, economic factors, government regulations and many more things.  Growing a successful business that gives you everything you want in life, time off, money freedom and lifestyle,  is not just about numbers, marketing, income, and all the usual metrics. What is happening in your personal life has a dramatic effect on the growth of your business. When you invest in you, (ie grow personally) the more strength and knowledge you have to pour into your business.

1. Your thoughts

As humans, we operate in the physical, emotional and spiritual levels. We are basically emotional beings, what we do, say, and think is always based on an emotion at some level. Our emotions have a profound effect on our actions. When you’re feeling good you feel unstoppable. When your emotions are negative, you want to stay in bed and binge watch your favorite Netflix show or eat a bucket of Hagen Das ice cream.
Winning in Business
It is important to understand that often you feel the way you do based on the thoughts you have. What you think dictates how you feel. You feel a certain kind of way when your thoughts are focused on the negative experiences in your life. Once one negative thought pops up in your mind, then another and suddenly your thoughts spiral down. Suddenly you remember that project that failed, the fight with your friend, the math test you bombed. Your subconscious mind drags up stuff from grade school and before you know it, everything in your life feels like a disaster.
Getting control of your thoughts is a superpower that brings more power and focus in your life. You can’t control your thoughts 100 percent of the time but that isn’t your goal. Your goal is to start to break your old patterns of thinking. When negative thoughts pop up in your mind, say STOP, that is not true. Think about the times you have won, been right, got the sale. Flood your mind with thoughts of your goals, dreams and what you’re grateful. Replace those negative thoughts with thoughts of everything that is good and right in your life.  You attract into your life what you focus on. The more you focus, the more you attract. Keep your thoughts focused on what’s most important to your growth.

2. Energy

We are energy. It is in us and all around us. Science has proven this to be fact. Your energy level has a direct impact on what you accomplish each day, week, month and year. When our energy is low, you don’t do much, it is tough to get motivated to start anything. We have all have experienced this at one time or another. You have also had high energy days when you feel unstoppable and can accomplish anything, nothing is getting in your way. Your thoughts, emotions and influences all have an impact on your energy level.
We have probably all felt that low energy when we are hungry or the turkey coma coming on after Thanksgiving dinner. What you eat and how much impacts your energy, so eat meals low on refined sugar and high in fresh whole foods. How much you move your body during the day can create the feeling of more energy. How you start your day has a major impact on your energy levels for the day. Start your day with meditation, yoga, and gratitude for all the good in your life. Keeping your energy a high level in your life and business to accomplish more than you thought possible.

3. Business goals

You started your business for reasons greater than just money and recognition. Your major goal was probably to create a better life for you, your family and your community or some combination of those. Your business goals should be determined by you, or you and your leadership team. If you let outside circumstances, other people and life circumstances set them for you, your business is likely struggling. You have a decision to make, you set your goals or let something outside of you set your goals. Your friends and family sometimes think they know better than you what your goals should be. They can be very vocal about what you should do in your business. However, you need to take control of your goals. There are abundant resources to help you set goals but, at the end of the day, you have to decide what’s important to you and what you will do with your life. Visualize your dream life and business, then set goals that get you there. Take control, write out your goals for this year then break them down by quarter, by month and by week. Then start taking action.