Daily Gratitude Procedure



My Morning Routine

  • Wake up and get a big glass of water to drink while I journal
  • Write in my morning gratitude journal.  It is important to feel gratitude while you are doing this. What can I be grateful for now?
  • Close my eyes and visualize my big goal, what does my life look like, what am I doing, where am I and who is with me?
  • Meditate for 15-20 minutes.  You choose what type and style of meditation you like.
  • Feed my body.  Eat foods that will energize you.  Fruit, smoothie, juice, whatever makes you feel energized and ready to go
  • While I am eating I watch motivational videos on YouTube.  If you like the videos please Subscribe to my YouTube Channel.
  • Exercise!  What type of exercise makes you feel great? Running, yoga, weights?  Do something that gets your body moving.
  • Look at my Daily Productivity Planner and take action on item #1.