The Economy

Opportunities are everywhere you look.  If you listen to the news media, especially here in Alberta Canada, you might conclude that the world is coming to an end tomorrow.  The media publish endless stories of layoffs, job cuts, foreclosures, and bankruptcies.  People blame the government, low oil prices and other countries for the problems in the economy.  Currently there are companies expanding, hiring and also new enterprises being created.  What do you think about the economy and your business’ future?  You could conclude that there are obviously two very different points of view about our current economic situation. Why do some people see opportunities and others see only doom and gloom?

The Business

What actions are you taking right now in your business to deal with the current economy?  Are you shrinking, laying off staff, hoping and praying that things Opportunities are Everywhere if you are willing to look for it no matter what the economy is doingwill get better? Or, are you looking at new opportunities, new markets, new product lines, taking action toward your goals?

What is the attitude in you business currently, are the staff hiding, waiting for the other shoe to drop?  Is your staff spending working hours searching for their next job?  Or, are your employees excited about the future of the company?  The Managers are creating new products or service lines while the sales team searches for the next great contract?  Often the difference in these two diverse scenarios is the mindset of you the business owner.

The Opportunities

The Opportunities for your business in these tough economic times start with you.  As a result of your belief in yourself and the mission of your business, the business will continue to grow and expand even in tough economic times.  While the opposite is also true, if you don’t believe in your business you might just shutdown now.  Or you could find a way to change your attitude and mindset. That change begins with a decision, do you desire a better attitude about your business and your life?

You can get the results you desire in your business.  Begin by looking at your habitual way of thinking.  First of all when you think about your business, what thoughts come into your mind?  Are they positive or negative?  That voice in your head, you know the one I mean, the one that says you can’t do it, your not good enough, that is the voice. what does it say to you on a daily basis?  Rather than listen to the negative self talk, interrupt it, say “Thank you for sharing that with me, I choose to think this instead”.  Start now, draw the line in the sand and choose a new way of thinking.

In conclusion you are the only thinker in your world.  Your thinking creates everything  in your life. Begin thinking differently, or as one of my mentors says “Change your Stinking Thinking”  Finally, if you are interested in learning more about changing your thinking, setting goals and building a team of winners contact us and we will meet with you to see how we can help you succeed.