Road Map Intensive

This is the accelerated version of my VIP Intensive Days and is completely customized for you to make sure you get results.

In a nutshell here’s how it works.  You’ll start by giving me a high-level snapshot of your business.  We’ll get together online and blast through your must-do list.  At the end of our Road Map Intensive you will have actions that you can move on immediately.

VIP Intensive Day

This is the accelerated version of my Bespoke Coaching system and is completely customized for you to make sure you get results.

 Here’s how it works.  You’ll start by giving me high level snapshot of your business. Then we’ll both do a little bit a prep work. Then a few of days before your VIP day you’ll have a 1:1 session with me to make sure we are on point and prepped work like the high performance entrepreneurs we know we are. On your VIP day it’s show time! We’ll get together and blast through your priority list.  Then 10 days later you will have 1 hour follow up call with me so we can catch up and make sure you’re on track.


Google My Business

Are you using the power of Google search to help your business be found? Did you know that Google has created a free tool to help you? Google is the most used search engine in the world right now and can help you find more clients and customers for free.

CORE Leadership 101 

The 5 Step System to Maximize Leadership Skills.
This fast-paced, results-oriented leadership training is uniquely designed to strengthen your leadership skills modeled on the world’s best leaders. You’ll learn practical techniques to shape your leadership messages, hone an authentic leadership voice and engage in powerful conversations that achieve results.

High Performance Business Culture 

In your business, you either create the culture you want or the business will create the culture and it may not be what you want.  When you put a focus on creating a culture, you’ll develop guiding principles. People will know you for this. Employees will live by it. It’ll help get you through difficult times. You will attract the best people for your company. It’ll help get all employees working on the company mission. It’s the glue that keeps the company together.

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