Silence the Monkey and Change Your World

Silence the Monkey and Change Your World

You can’t do that….
You’re not good enough….
Who are you to change the world…..Parents scolding you when you were 10
Have you ever heard this from people around you, friends, family or maybe from you
You know what I mean that mind monkey, inner critic, the little voice…
and if you just said what little voice?  I don’t have a voice in my head….
That is the voice I’m talking about
Maybe it sounds like your Mom, Dad or a teacher, sports coach, someone else….
We all have one…. or maybe more than one
I know it sometimes gets a little crowded up here…
Now that monkey voice is always chiming in with its opinions
That’s risky better play safe, what will they say, what will they think of me,
always being the judge and jury about what will happen
based on something that happened when you were 8, 9, or 10 years old
Subconscious ProgrammingIt’s OK, it thinks its job is to protect you, keep you safe, out of harm’s way
it is old programming that runs without you thinking about it, always running in your subconscious mind
Like the operating system in your computer or smartphone
Just running in the background, doing the same thing day in and day out with no input from you
if you want more out of life, better job, nicer home, vacations in the sun,
Remember as Ned Stark said “WINTER is coming.”
Maybe you dream of having your own successful business…
If this sounds like your perfect life
Then you have to start doing things in a different way

Subconscious Programming

That limiting programming lives in your subconscious mind where all your paradigms live and operate
Paradigms are the collection of habits that control almost everything we do from how we get dressed in the morning
to how we react when we see or smell something
like a certain politician on TV or fresh flowers you just react without thinking about it
Would you like to change this auto programming?
So you get more of what you want out of life, new experiences, new results,
You can start by taming that monkey voice in your head
When it chimes in with a negative, limiting belief, trying to talk you out of doing something
Just say
Cancel, Cancel, Cancel, thanks for sharing I am choosing to do this, say that or be this now!
Is this easy?? Well…. Yes and no, It is easy to do but like most new habits it will take time
to learn and put into practice all the time

The Benefits

The benefits….
Well, that’s up to you…. What do you really want…
Stay Stuck in the habits and ways of thinking that aren’t serving you Your Ideal Life
Something new, fresh, exciting…
It’s up to you
Silence the Monkey and Change your world.