Time, do you have any?

Time, do you have any?

Time, do you have any?

A lot of people find themselves running out of time, or they say they are too busy to do something with family or friends.

Does this sound like you?

How do you manage your time? In a poll, I did recently 44% of people use their calendar to manage their time. This can be a good way to manage time if used properly.

Have you used time blocking in your calendar? I use this method and so do many of my clients. This method consists of setting specific blocks of time to complete certain tasks each day. For example, I have a block of time that I set in the morning and at the end of my day to complete administrative tasks like, answering email, voice mail, and text messages. I call this a buffer block and it allows me to focus on other important tasks during my day. I can put these administrative tasks into a specific block of time and completer them in this time block.

Remember that tasks will expand to fill the time allotted to them so keep this buffer block short, something like 30 minutes.

Just adding this one block can give you back several hours every day.

How do you get time back in your day?

Do you want to be more Productive?